The kitchen really is the heart of the home; it’s the place we cook meals, break bread, the kids do their homework, partners share a glass of wine, and generally where life happens.

TJ Designs customise kitchens to suit you and your family’s needs, we want your kitchen to fit like a glove. A kitchen renovation is a great way to not just get the kitchen you want, but the kitchen you need.

Kitchen Design Ashmore

Why Invest in a Kitchen Renovation for your Ashmore Home?

A kitchen renovation will add value to your Ashmore home, even if you’re not thinking of selling, having a valuable asset has many benefits.

TJ Designs customise our kitchen designs to fit your lifestyle; whether you enjoy a lot of baking, and/ or the kitchen is the place that the kids sit and do their homework, we can help provide the kitchen that accommodates your lifestyle.

It looks FABULOUS! That is a great reason to undertake a kitchen renovation. Make your Ashmore home look amazing with a beautiful and bespoke kitchen renovation from TJ Designs.

Changing the floorplan of your kitchen can make cooking and cleaning easier; get your Ashmore home working for you with a kitchen renovation that caters to you.

Old and tired kitchens not only look terrible, they can lack the mod cons of a more modern kitchen design. Improve your Ashmore home with a kitchen design from TJ Designs on the Gold Coast.

Why Invest in a Bathroom Renovation for your Ashmore Home?

A bathroom renovation will add value to your Ashmore home, whether you want to sell your property or you simply want to update your current bathroom, a good, quality bathroom holds its value.

A bathroom renovation can improve safety. Old tiles can become slippery and dangerous and lead to slips and falls; renewing your tiles, and renovating your bathroom means you can lower the risk of your bathroom becoming a slip hazard.

Your old bathroom might look ok, but beneath the surface your old waterproofing might be showing signs of age, this can lead to leaking and subsequent damage. The damage caused by your waterproofing being subpar might not be covered under your insurance policy. A new bathroom for your Ashmore home by TJ Designs means you have full peace of mind that your bathroom is of the highest quality.

Renovating the bathroom in your Ashmore home with TJ Designs means we can customise a bathroom design that suits you and your family; improving functionality and usability means you have a bathroom that meets your needs.

A new bathroom looks great! TJ Designs can provide a bathroom for your Ashmore home that will look as good, if not better than you expected; we surpass the expectations of our customers with our quality, workmanship, and bathroom designs.

New Bathroom and Kitchen for your Ashmore Home

When building a new home, the space on the floorplans for your kitchen and bathroom is full of potential, but until you decide what you need it is an empty space that needs filling.

The team at TJ Designs can guide and assist you with choosing the new bathroom and new kitchen of your dreams; our experienced consultants take time to understand your lifestyle, your taste, your needs, and work out a solution that is on-budget.

TJ Designs can provide as little or as much advice as you require, we are here to help you get the WOW factor in your Ashmore home. By understanding your taste, we can provide the new bathroom and new kitchen you want; by understanding your lifestyle, we can provide the new bathroom and new kitchen you need.

Your Renovation Experts

TJ Designs can improve your Ashmore home with a refresh, a revamp, or a renovation; we renovate houses and apartments, so no matter what your dwelling call the team at TJ Designs on the Gold Coast.

TJ Designs can assist with:

Your Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Experts in Ashmore

TJ Designs are your kitchen and bathroom renovation experts; we guarantee 100% satisfaction with a fast turnaround, no mess, and no stress!

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