Location, location, location! Yes, you’ve got the location, Broadbeach is beautiful and now it’s time to beautify the inside of your home, and TJ Designs are the best people for the job.

Whether you need a new kitchen and/or bathroom, or you need to update your current facilities, call TJ Designs and see how we can enhance your Broadbeach home.

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A New Kitchen for your Broadbeach Home

Building a new home is exciting! You get to choose everything! Let that sink in, you literally choose everything; whilst that means you get what you want it can become quite overwhelming, enter TJ Designs.

A consultation with TJ Designs and we will understand what you need for your new kitchen. Taking the time to understand your needs, and your lifestyle means we can present you with a solution that is tailored to your needs, taste, and budget.

Your new kitchen is customised to fit your space perfectly, maximising space and allowing you to enjoy a kitchen that suits your family.

New kitchens should look amazing, but they also need to be functional, and TJ Desings pride ourselves on making your new kitchen perfect for you.

Kitchen Designs for your Broadbeach Home

Is your kitchen in need of an update? TJ Designs can create the right kitchen for you and your family.

Many people don’t realise that kitchens follow a set of kitchen designs and rules to ensure the perfect flow; TJ Designs incorporates know-how, and your needs to create something that looks great and flows throughout your space. TJ Desings can help you with as little or as much of your kitchen design as you would like; we can help with everything, even down to the colour scheme and lighting.

Modernise your current kitchen and add value and functionality to your Broadbeach home.

New Bathroom for your Broadbeach Home

Building a new home is made a little easier with the help from TJ Designs.

By talking to the team at TJ Designs we can work out what you need from your new bathroom and present you with the perfect design.

TJ Designs have a design team that will design a new bathroom exactly how you want it. Customised to your taste, needs, and budget, why settle for less?

A New Bathroom Design for your Broadbeach Home

If you want to modernise your Broadbeach home, we are here to help you, TJ Designs can upgrade your bathroom, so it looks great, flows well, and fits well for you and your family.

An old, tired bathroom isn’t just an eyesore, it can also be an insurance issue. If the waterproofing fails in your bathroom and leaks you can be liable for some costly repairs.

Update and modernise your bathroom with TJ Designs.

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Upgrading and updating your Broadbeach home has never looked so good; TJ Desings is changing the way people look at the renovation process, by making it as simple and seamless as possible, you’ll be wondering why you did not do it sooner.

Call 0418 752 053 for a free quote and measure, and enjoy a new or renovated bathroom, kitchen, and/or laundry.