How to Keep Your Renovated Bathroom Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Renovated Bathroom Looking Like New - Gold Coast

So you’ve just finished your bathroom renovation. Now, it’s a matter of keeping your bathroom in the best possible condition it can possibly be in so your renovation proves to be worth it. This can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but have no worries because the Gold Coast team here at TJ Designs has put together this handy list on how to keep your renovated bathroom looking like new. So, without further a do, let’s get straight into it!

Seal Your Tiles
Sealing your tiles adds an extra layer of protection to your bathroom tiles. This means that the tiles won’t be easily damaged any time soon and this will make your life a whole lot easier while cleaning. Sealed tiles are less likely to get stained. Consider doing this for both floor and wall tiles.

Reconsider Your Cleaning Agent
While many of the harsher cleaning agents like bleach seem to be working wonders initially, you will soon find that they are damaging your fittings because of their corrosive nature. Consider diluting your cleaning agents to keep your fittings looking new for longer.

Keep Your Bathroom Dry
This is good advice in general. Keeping your bathroom dry will make sure there are no slipping hazards. Additionally, dry bathrooms aren’t conducive to mildew or mould growth so that’s another plus point. Mould or mildew can destroy a bathroom faster than you think.

Get Rid of Bars
Getting rid of soap bars is a great idea. This will make cleaning and maintenance easier for you in the long run, which will mean you will be more likely to clean often. Soap bars are mostly alkaline, so when soap bar residue gets left in the bathroom for a long time, it can be quite hard to remove and it is definitely not pleasing to the eye. Besides, liquid soaps and shower gels are much more convenient to use anyway.

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