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There has never been a better time to invest in your Paradise Point property, the return on investment is phenomenal, and who doesn’t want to spend time in a nicer looking home?

If you are looking for a dream kitchen, or the perfect bathroom then TJ Designs can customise our kitchen and bathroom renovations around your home, and not the other way around, so it fits like a glove, maximises space, and looks amazing! 

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A New Kitchen for your Paradise Point Home

Whether your Paradise Point home is literally a plan on some blueprints, or it is built and you have an old, tired kitchen that you want to replace, TJ Designs can help deliver your dream kitchen. 

TJ Designs are seasoned kitchen designers, and after a consultation with you we can start to understand what you want; some clients come to us with a very specific aesthetic in mind, other require some guidance, whatever your needs are we will work with you to ensure we surpass your expectations for your new kitchen. 

Let TJ Designs take the stress out of a new kitchen for your Paradise Point home with our 100% satisfaction guarantee; our turnaround times are quick, but our service is thorough. 

A Kitchen Renovation for your Paradise Point Home

TJ Designs don’t sell off the shelf, cookie-cutter kitchens, we design and customise our offerings, so that means you can do as little or as much of the project as you’d like. TJ Designs can project manage your kitchen renovation from start to finish, or we can simply take over some of the project, such as your butler’s pantry, or your cabinetry… whatever you need, we can accommodate you. 

For a kitchen renovation that is worry-free, and the end results are breath-taking, you know where to come. 

A New Bathroom for your Paradise Point Home

Whether your Paradise Point home is merely a set of blueprints, or you have an established kitchen that simply needs replacing, TJ Designs can customise your new kitchen to fit your space, your style, and you, perfectly.

The needs of a bathroom have changed over the years as families have grown and evolved, children stay at home for longer, and some people see them as a mini spa; whatever you want to get from your bathroom talk to the team at TJ Designs we can design a bathroom that will fulfill your needs.

A Bathroom Renovation for your Paradise Point Home

The issue with an old bathroom is not just that it looks old and tired, or that it doesn’t accommodate your needs, the waterproofing in an old bathroom can start to wear away and become a leaking issue, and unfortunately your insurance usually won’t cover it. 

A bathroom renovation is a great way to update the waterproofing whilst also refreshing the décor, and a great time to assess your new needs as a family. 

TJ Designs can project manage the whole process, or we can take on part of it, we can do as little or as much as you like. 

For a bathroom renovation for your Paradise Point home that looks great, works amazingly, and fits your needs perfectly, call the professionals at TJ Designs on the Gold Coast. 

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