TJ Designs are the first name in kitchen and bathroom renovations in Oxenford, and across the Gold Coast; whether you are building a new home, or you want to update your current property, talk to us about how one of our custom designs could transform your home. 

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Why Choose Us for your Oxenford Home?

Your home is usually one of your largest investments and one that hold a lot of emotion. When you buy your Oxenford home, you are not just buying bricks and mortar, you are buying a lifestyle, potentially a family home, somewhere to grow old in; whatever your motivations you want to put your stamp on it, and TJ Designs customise solutions, so the finished product is uniquely you. 

Choosing TJ Designs for your kitchen and/or bathroom renovation means you will get high quality bespoke kitchens and bathrooms that fit you and your family like a glove. 

We are a family-owned business, so we understand the stresses involved with a renovation, we’ve done plenty ourselves, so our motto is, a fast turnaround, no mess, no stress, and a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. 

Our inhouse designers can tweak anything to make it work for you, so the sky is your limit. 

We work with you closely, so we make sure we always consider your style, your needs, and your budget always. 

Kitchen Renovations and New Kitchens

Moving can be a headache, but you do not always need to move to get what you want. A new kitchen renovation can transform your Oxenford home; our bespoke kitchens can work around your alcoves and corners, and even work in those odd spaces that are underutilised, so you can maximise space, maximise aesthetics, and minimise costs. 

Custom made kitchens are built from scratch, and TJ Designs has the skill and the experience to deliver a stunning kitchen renovation to your Oxenford home. 

New Kitchen 

Building a new home is exciting, but also daunting; there are so many decisions to be made, but with TJ Designs guiding you through your new kitchen design, it is one less task to face. 

Our kitchen designers work with you to design a new kitchen that fits into your new Oxenford home seamlessly and gives you the functionality and athletics that you have dreamed about. 

TJ Designs are experienced in providing kitchen renovations and new kitchens to homes and high-rises in Oxenford and across the Gold Coast. 

Bathroom Renovations and New Bathrooms 

A bathroom renovation is a great way to spruce up your tired and dated bathroom, whilst also providing peace of mind that you have a fully waterproof bathroom that won’t leak for many years to come. 

As a bathroom dates it not only looks unsightly, but it can also sometimes only be a matter of time until the waterproofing fails and they begin to leak. A new bathroom renovation can refresh your bathroom, and add more functionality, and maximise space. 

TJ Designs can customise a bathroom for your Oxenford home, whether your family has grown, and your needs are different, or you just want it to look modern and up to date, we have a solution and bathroom design for everyone. 

New bathroom 

If you are building a new home in Oxenford, why not get the bathroom of your dreams? No, it doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget, it means you need to make a call to TJ Designs. 

A bespoke bathroom that fits into your plans, and your lifestyle is all part of the service for our bathroom designers. 

Want to find out more, talk to our friendly team and build the house of your dreams. 

TJ Designs are experienced in providing bathroom renovations and new bathrooms to homes and high-rises in Oxenford and across the Gold Coast. 

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If you want your Oxenford home to look great, be functional, and work in with exactly what you want for your space, call TJ Designs for a bespoke solution; our team of experts will take the aesthetic brief along with your needs, and budget, and combine it all into a bathroom design you will LOVE! 

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