Things to Ask Your Renovations Company Before You Hire Them

Things to Ask Your Renovations Company Before You Hire Them - Gold Coast

Renovations are tricky business. And that is exactly why you need to be extra careful when hiring people to do them for you. You need to take every precaution you possibly can because renovations, especially bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations, can be quite challenging and you can’t afford to make any mistakes. The team here at TJ Designs has put together this collection of questions you should ask your renovations company or builder before you hire them. Enjoy!

Are You Properly Licensed?
If the answer to this question isn’t a resounding “YES!”, you need to take your business elsewhere. You should only ever work with tradesmen that are licensed by the proper authorities in your region. If the government doesn’t trust them, why should you?

Are You Insured?
The thing about accidents is that they can occur at any time so it is best to be prepared. You know what they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” However, one can’t possibly be prepared for accidents at all times so it is good to settle for the second best thing. If your renovation company is insured, then accidents will be accounted for.

May I See Some Testimonials?
It’s a good idea to see some testimonials and even a portfolio if you can manage it before you hire a company. This will give you an idea about the level of work the company is capable of and you will better understand their standards. This often helps clear any doubts or clear any unrealistic expectations on the client’s part.

Have You Worked in My Area Before?
If the company has worked in other houses in your area before, this is a bonus for you. This means that they’ll be able to better understand the layout of your home and work more efficiently.

You can rest assured that TJ Designs will have satisfactory answers to all these questions and check all the boxes. We have one of the most experienced teams here on the Gold Coast and we can help you out with kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, kitchen designs, bathroom designs, bathroom remodels and much more!